Committed verus interested…


quiz coming soon…

There are two types of states we can chose to be in when dealing with any problem:

1) Committed to solving it..

2) Interested in solving it..

One state will rapidly overcome the problem and the other will not.

Answer yes/no to the following questions and decide which state you want to be in…



Two artists talking…
I, inspired, impassioned and energised through the power of a commitment.
Clearing away the old, making space for someone new.
Vibrant colours of distinct applications call forth secret dreams and breath-taking views.
A process of creation and a new vision declared. A choice that must be nurtured and chosen moment by moment, over and over again.
Freedom, awareness, joy, love, inner space… A life fulfilled is my body of work. 
Two artists just sitting and talking… 
The other artist is you.

- Ryan Mathie