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I develop passionate coaches to become High-Performing Coaches. I help them to create committed, high paying clients so that they can have more freedom and make more impact - on their terms.

Having worked in Transformational Performance with one of the worlds leading organisations in Personal Development, some 4 years ago I decided I wanted to set out and build something great of my own.

I had vision driving me. It was a static image in my mind of me sitting in a coffee shop, working on my laptop from anywhere in the world while I did what I do best – coach people and make a difference.

Back then the idea of how to create clients was a total mystery to me. I remember spending 2 intense weeks blogging, posting inspiring quotes, inviting people to like my Facebook Page and lots of waiting - nothing happened. Right there and then I had an insight that changed everything - “I have absolutely no idea what the heck I am doing”.

I realised that while I was a highly trained and experienced coach, it didn’t mean anything when it came to building a coaching business. This clarity gave me enormous power and absolute certainty about what I needed to do - I needed a Coach!

I hired some of the most forward-thinking experts in the Industry including Rich Litvin (author of the Prosperous Coach), Daniel Priestley (author of Key Person of Influence), Paul Dunn (Chairman of B1G1.com) and had some brilliant guidance from my previous mentor of 4 years, Gary Bishop (author of Unf*ck Yourself).

Fast-forward, I have now built 2 successful Online Coaching/Consulting Businesses and I am deeply aware of the difficulties and what it takes to thrive online and offline.
I have a track record of turning passionate coaches into high performers which I am proud of. One of the things I love and am grateful for the most is that so often my clients become my friends.

What I am working on right now is the first draft of my first solo book, The High-Performing Coach and the continued growth of the MoreComittedClients.com Accelerator & Performance Programs for any Coach looking to make the same shift I and many of my clients have made.

If any of this resonates, I would love to connect with you and hear about the vision that is driving you.