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Fit For Purpose Leadership #4 features 21 high performing leaders from around the world share their highest-value thinking and advice on business leadership with a focus on health, mindset, social and relationships, best practice and emerging trends.

My piece was on purpose, meaning and a new level of consciousness. It is centred around my story of how I became a coach and the profound personal experience that happened to me 10 years ago while walking through the streets of Bethnal Green, London.




This book centres itself around the question, ‘what is the source of results?’. Considering that every single thing we do is driven by the motivation, need, desire or want for some result or another be it big or small, meaningful or not - this is book reveals what I have discovered to be the answer.

It is powerful and a deeply engaging book that will confront you in a positive way. It will challenge you and radically shift how you see yourself and the world around you. It is a process aimed at anyone with a hunger and desire to grow and make their life count.